Kali Kuning Natural Attraction,Kaliurang Yogyakarta

Kali Kuning  is one alternative tourist destination in Yogyakarta . Kali Kuning which is a mountainous tourist spot offers a variety of natural beauty of the mountains. Kali Kuning  alone under Mount Merapi is located on the east or Ground attractions are very famous for coolness , beauty , and peace of nature .

Kali Kuning  Camping Ground is situated in the landscape of the southern slopes of Mount Merapi , entered in Sleman , Yogyakarta , Indonesia . Management into the management of the National Park of Mount Merapi ( TNGM ) along with other attractions .

To get to the attraction Kali Kuning , easy road access and smooth , can be reached by private vehicles , both motorcycles / cars with a travel time of approximately 1 hour from the city center .

In addition , the location can be reached by public transportation , such as buses from Terminal Giwangan , Yogyakarta straight to Ground , Stooop …. and down in Pakem , then transfer to the local public transport ( mini bus ) to the Kali Kuning  .

Kali Kuning area is often used for a variety of activities , there is a refreshing , unwind at the end of the week after working / studying, reunion event with friends – old friends then perform a variety of games and images – photographs, sacred vow as perpetuating prewedding photo shoot , exciting place for adventure group children – school children , filled activities while Scouts , family picnics .

Here are some beautiful and stunning scenery that you can enjoy in the Kali Kuning , Yogyakarta (TE)  :


kali-kuning 4-jogjacityparadise

kali-kuning 5-jogjacityparadise

kali-kuning 6-jogjacityparadise

kali-kuning 3-jogjacityparadise        kali-kuning 2-jogjacityparadise

kali-kuning 9-jogjacityparadise

kali-kuning 8-jogjacityparadise

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